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Floating Benefits

Increases Immune System

Boost Creativity

Reduces anxiety & stress

Muscle recovery

Relaxing & medative

improves sleep quality

Float Therapy Benefits

Floatation therapy, also known as isolation therapy or sensory deprivation therapy, is the popular practice of spending an hour or more floating peacefully on a 10” high water-filled floor within a floatation tank or float room. The floating effect is achieved through a water and epsom salt solution, which makes the water so buoyant that you’re floating instead of sinking. To further the effect, all distractions have been removed such as light or visual stimuli, sense of touch due to the water being the same temperature as your skin, and sense of smell due to the epsom salts nullifying any other scents, leaving you with just the feeling of floating!

The effects of gravity on your bones, joints, and muscles are also completely removed while floating. This vastly improves your circulation and allows your body to rejuvenate and heal itself. Research shows that floating measurably reduces your blood pressure and heart rate while at the same time lowering stress levels.

The effects of floating on your brain are also quite remarkable. The sensory deprivation slows your brain waves until they reach the theta state. This state is most common during deep meditation or just before falling asleep and is usually combined with vivid imagery, very clear, creative thoughts, sudden insights and inspirations or feelings of happiness. This is all thanks to the release of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates.


Tank float therapy is proven to:

Relieve stress, anxiety and depression
Reduce chronic fatigue caused by insomnia and jet lag
Stimulate creativity
Accelerate mental clarity and learning
Deepen meditation practices
Soothe chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, inflammation and tendonitis
Improve athletic performance
Decrease muscular tension caused by daily stresses and prolonged sitting
Improve circulation and reduce blood pressure
Accelerate healing
Strengthen the immune system
Floating is a wonderful way to nurture your mind, body and spirit. These positive effects are cumulative, so be sure to float regularly!

We provide:


    • Towels
    • Bath Robes
    • Flip Flops
    • Shower Essentials
    • Earplugs for float
    • A hairdryer

Please print, fill out and bring the following form to your pre-booked apointment.

AWFR Consent Form

Floating Session

(30 to 60 Minutes)


5 Floating Session Package (45 Minutes)


10 Floating Session Package (45 Minutes)


Before You Float

Please read through thoroughly before your float session.

Don't shave or wax

Eat a small meal 1 -2 hours before

Remove your contact lenses

Limit caffeine intake

Use the restroom

Take a shower before entering

Frequently asked questions

Our purpose-built float room has been put out with your comfort in mind. The float room is 100% private,
allowing you to completely shut out the outside world. Our state-of-the-art DreamPod float pod allows
you to float without any worries. The large pod lid is easy to move due to its hydraulic struts, and the lid
itself does not lock or seal you in. You are in control of the pod at all times and you are able to float with
the lid open or closed. In the pod itself, you can choose to float with the chakra lights on or off.
When you come in for your first float, our team will show you to the float room and talk you through the
experience. You’ll be required to take a shower in the washrooms provided prior to your float session.
This ensures that no makeup, natural body oils, lotions or product contaminates the pod water. After
your float, you’ll shower again, as the water in the pods is super salty. If you need to dry your hair or
use mirrors to apply your makeup, the washrooms have everything that you need.
We supply towels, bath robes, flipflops, earplugs, shower essentials and a hairdryer (please bring own
hairbrush if required.)

What if I’m claustrophobic?

The pod is roughly the size of a queen size bed, or a small car. Most people are surprised by how big
the pod is, even if they’ve seen photos of them before. Even tall people can float and stretch right out,
and if you reach up while floating, you won’t be able to reach the ceiling. You have control over the pod
at all times, and you’re never locked in.
The pod lid is very large and easy to open and close, and it never seals shut so the pod is always
ventilated. While we recommend that you float with the pod lid closed, you can choose to keep it open
the entire time.
Inside the pod itself, you have a button for the light which can stay on at all times if you wish. There is
also a call button. Pushing this will alert our staff and we’ll knock and come in to check on you if you
require it.
There’s no rush to jump straight into the pod and lie down. Spend some time sitting in the water checking
out the space before settling on a comfortable position. If you’re not having a good time after trying it
out, you can end your session.

Is the water clean?

We adhere to an extremely strict set of testing protocols. The water is tested frequently for specific
gravity, pH balancing, sterilisation and temperature.
The high concentration of Epsom salt creates a hostile environment for germs and bacteria. The water
is also run through a triple filtration and purification process with a UV sterilizer.
You’ll find that our water is cleaner than a swimming pool and far more gentle to your skin.

Will I be cold while floating?

Our pod water is heated to 35.5 degrees (skin temperature).
We recommend that your pre-float shower isn’t too hot so that the pod water temperature doesn’t
appear too cold when you first get in. If you’d like to leave the pod lid open that’s quite ok, just remember that the water temperature may
drop during your float if it’s left open.

What do I wear in the float pod?

We highly recommend you float nude. Clothing and swim wear can be a tactile distraction in the float
pod and detract from your experience.
Don’t worry, your float room is completely private!

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Absolutely! Floating is ideal for pregnant ladies as it may be the only chance they’ll get to escape gravity
and the growing weight of their belly, though we don’t recommend floating in your first trimester.
The Epsom salt in the water also works as a natural sedative, so it’s perfect if you’re having trouble
sleeping. The salty water won’t dry your skin out like normal table salt would.
Every woman and pregnancy is different, so to ensure floating is suitable for you, we advise you to
speak to your medical practitioner before booking.

What if I am not able to meditate immediately during my first float?

Your first float can be anything from puzzling to amusing, calming or meditative.
It’s an experience like no other, so give your mind and body some time to get used to it. We’ve found
that most people need to float 2 or 3 times before their brain “gets it”.

Am I going to freak out in the pod?

There’s absolutely no reason you should, but if you do, you’re free to step out of the pod at any time.

Can I float if I’m menstruating?

For hygiene reasons, anyone who is menstruating we ask you not to float & reschedule your
appointment for another time.

Can I float if I recently dyed my hair or got a spray tan?

We ask that you please don’t float less than a week after dyeing your hair or applying spray tan, and a
little longer with red hair dyes.
Consider floating first, then dyeing your hair or applying tan. Dyes can permanently damage our shiny
white float pods, which takes considerable time and expense to repair, and you may be liable for
replacement water/Epsom salt costs, repair costs, and lost revenue while the pod is being repaired. If in doubt, just ask us and we’ll be happy to advise if it’s safe for you to float.

Can I float after waxing/shaving?

We highly recommend not shaving or waxing in the 24 hours before you float, as the salty water may
sting your skin a little.

Will my hair get wet?

Yes, your hair will get wet while in the float pod.
To prevent any tactile distractions, we recommend not using a shower cap or swim cap in the float pod
(it won’t hold the water out anyway). We ask that you shampoo your hair before your float to remove any dirt, oils or products that may
contaminate the water. A shampoo and condition post-float helps to get all the Epsom salt out of your
hair. We have a hairdryer available if required.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing! We supply all shower essentials, towels, bathrobes, flip flops, earplugs and hairdryers.
If you need to do your makeup or brush your hair after your float, perhaps bring that along with you.
We have a clothing hangers in the floating room, so that clothes won’t get any Epsom salt on.

Am I too heavy to float?

Each pod contains over 500kg of Epsom salt, which makes the water extremely buoyant, no matter
your size – everyone floats.

What if I fall asleep in there?

People fall asleep in the pods all the time, and it’s perfectly safe. The super buoyant water prevents you
from accidently rolling over and drowning.

Who can’t float?

Floating is perfectly safe, but there are some circumstances where it is not recommended.
These include:
• within 24 hours of waxing or shaving
• within 5 days of getting a tattoo
• within 1 week of dyeing your hair or getting a spray tan (see FAQ about hair dye and spray tan)
• if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We have a zero-tolerance policy on this.
• if you are epileptic and at risk of having a seizure in the float pod
• if you have low blood pressure. Floating decreases blood pressure even further.
• if you have impaired kidney disease
• if you have a contagious disease
• if you have any skin infections, skin ulcers, open wounds, or severe eczema or psoriasis
• within 2 weeks of having gastroenteritis/diarrhoea
• if you have recently had chemotherapy. Please discuss your intention to float with your medical
• if you are sensitive to chlorine, bromine, sulphate or magnesium

Can kids float?

Yes, children can float but we ask that children under 16 be accompanied by a parent or
guardian. Children are also able to float together with a parent or guardian if desired.
You know your kids better than anyone, so if you think they’re old enough and they’ll be comfortable
with the experience, they may find it beneficial.
Most young kids won’t be able to lie still for the full 60 minutes, so you’ll need to take that into
If you haven’t floated before yourself, it may be a good idea to give it a go before bringing your child in,
so you know exactly what they’ll experience and whether it’s right for them.

Can more than one person float at a time in the pod?

If desired, the DreamPod is big enough for two people to float together.
In fact, floating side-by-side in the same pod with your partner is great for bonding and can help those
who suffer from anxiety or other fears relax inside of the pod.

Is it private?

The rooms are lockable, and our staff will only knock on the door in the unlikely event of an
emergency. We understand that to enjoy the full benefits of floatation therapy, you need complete quiet
and the feeling of security.
If you’ve brought a friend or family member, we ask that they do not join you in the float room.

Why do I have to shower before and after my float?

A pre-float shower ensures that all makeup, natural body oils, lotions and product are removed from
your body and hair. Without this first shower, an oily film would develop on top of the pod water and
ruin your float experience.
This is also the reason we ask that you shampoo your hair but not use conditioner in this first shower –
the conditioner acts like an oil in the float pod.
A post-float shower ensures that all Epsom salt is removed from your body. If you stepped out of the
pod and went straight home, you’d develop a thin layer of white Epsom salt from head to toe! Best to
wash that off before you leave or wipe it off should you wish not to shower.

Will my skin get all pruney?

Not at all! The high concentration of Epsom salt have an emollient (softening and soothing) effect. So,
no pruney fingers!

Got more questions? Please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help!
Contact 064 946 2282

But most importantly, enjoy your float…

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